Pedase Hotel & Guesthouse
Pedase küla, Padise vald
76014, Harjumaa

Phone: +372 671 6332
GSM: +372 53 303293

Fax: +372 6716 099
E-mail:pedase at pedase dot ee

OÜ Pedase Hotell
Telliskivi 24/ Ristiku 8
10611, Tallinn
fax:+372 660 1953

How to find us?

If coming from Tallinn drive through Keila and via Vana-Haapsalu road through Vasalemma, Rummu, Padise. 2km after Padise Monastery turn right to Harju-Risti and Nõva. Drive the following 12 km straight ahead and then turn right, driving the remaining 3km on a gravel road. Do not forget to follow the “Pedase Puhkekeskus ja Hotell” signs at the final part of the drive!


GPS: N59°16'18" W23°53'58"